Project Events

Paul V. Stevens, Jr., Steve Stevens Orchestra, Savanna
Larry Busch Band, Lancaster, WI
Jack Busch & Busch Family of Muscians, Cuba City, WI area
Hank Winder * Sheridan, IL * Cedar Rapids, IA * Omaha, NE
The 5 Lampe Brothers, Lampe's Vaudeville Company, Minstrels, Shows, Concerts
THE ZAHINA SISTERS Performed: April 26, 2014
CLARENCE ZAHINA Newspaper Ads of the Nashville Stars
CLARENCE ZAHINA Bio Sketch & Professional Photos * Dubuque
CLARENCE ZAHINA 1940s History on KDTH 1370 AM * Dubuque
CLARENCE ZAHINA News Articles * Dubuque
CLARENCE ZAHINA Dance Date Cards * Dubuque
CLARENCE ZAHINA Promotions, Cards, Letters * Dubuque
CLARENCE ZAHINA CD's Barnstormin' Polkas, Daddy I, II & III
ZAHINA SISTERS - Since 2006 News & Photos
Wade Law and His Smokey Valley Boys Orchestra* Savanna
Oklahoma Cowboys * Maquoqeta
Glen Law Band - CD 18 songs * Savanna
Moeller's Accordion Band*Waterloo
GUS FUHRMAN*Dubuque*East Dubuque
Chuck Bregman - Pianist-Composer * Dubuque
New! RICK TITTLE BAND * Dubuque, Iowa
WAYNE KING and His Orchestra
WAYNE KING Memorabilia
The WAYNE KING Show on NBC radio in 1945*Directed by Fred Essex
Wayne King, Nancy Evans, Franklyn MacCormack, WGN
Vocalist NANCY EVANS with WAYNE KING and His Orchestra
WAYNE KING History & News from the SAVANNA TIMES JOURNAL and other newspapers
Vocalist Ed Bolton with WAYNE KING and His Orchestra
The WAYNE KING TV Show on NBC sponsored by the Standard Oil Company
The movie WALTZ KING: You Think of LOVE
The King family in Savanna in 2004
Savanna Museum and Cultural Center
Savanna Historical Society Fundraisers - News Articles
Savanna Historical Society Building Renovation Photos
News About The Savanna Historical Society
Dances Dubuque to Davenport/ Illinois and Iowa Areas
Dance Classes Dubuque to Davenport
NEW! Historical Photos to Identify
Dancehalls*Opera Houses*Theatres*Live Entertainment
Big Band Era Radio Shows Dubuque to Davenport
Area Bands*Musicians
Project Events
Project Articles/Advertisements
PRAIRIE ADVOCATE NEWS*Savanna-Sabula Mississippi River History
Weber Orchestra * Galena
Eddie Uhl and the Ranch Hands Orchestra
Floyd Curley and The Rythem Four * Hanover-Savanna
Ridge Runners Orchestra * Savanna
Reverend Bremicker * Savanna
Harry B. Grissinger/Merrymakers* Savanna
May's Paddock Room*Savanna
Charlie Vaccaro and His Orchestra * Savanna-Davenport
Ralph Bailey and His Midnight Riders *Savanna
Bud Riddle, Super Six Synchopators, Savanna
JACK COLE Orchestra * Savanna
Marv Schreiner, Temptating Rhythms, Savanna
Pianist Lyle Ham's Diary 1935-1947
Charlie Bertsch's Square Dance Orchestra*Savanna
Johnny and Anita Peschang Hanson, Savanna-Hanover
Rockabilly/Punk Rocker BILLY ZOOM is Savanna's Ty Kindell
New! Road Runners * rock-n-roll * Savanna, Illinois
ALAN ST. GEORGE, Facemakers, Inc. * Savanna
Don Karol *Main Avenue Jazz*Slap Happy Polka Band*Don Karol Orchestra (16-piece)*Clinton, Iowa
Lute Geisinger * Thomson, IL
Roy Harstick Orchestra*Hanover
ARNIE & KEN PAULSEN Orchestras*Davenport
HAL WIESE, Jack Manthey, Carroll Baker, Jimmy O'Dette, Ray Winegar, Wibby Fisher* Davenport
Steve Little 16-18 piece big band*Davenport
Lyle Beaver & Brass Notes*Iowa City
Little Vito and the Torpedoes*'50's & 60's rock-n-roll
Glenn Miller Orchestra at Savanna
Count Basie Orchestra at Savanna
Chicago Land Bands
Big Bands
Popular Songs
Record Labels
Music Stores
Lodging*Restaurants*Chambers*Business links Dubuque to Davenport

The Project's first objective is to research, reason, record and relate muscian, band, dancehall, opera house and theatre history in Illinois and Iowa counties from Dubuque to Davenport. Musician Marv Schreiner who inspired the Project through several conversations in 1996 and 1997 emphasized the importance and value of area musician history.   Select Paul V. Stevens, Jr. to learn why the Project was named for this Savanna born danceband leader.  Updated 2/02/06.

Future Project Events:

The Steve Stevens Orchestra Project is grateful to join with the City of Savanna, Big Meadows Nursing Home, Timber Lake Playhouse, the City of Mount Carroll and others who sponsor the annual radio tribute to Wayne King and Orchestra over the air waves of WCCI FM 100.3.  We are currently working to create and co-sponsor the 6th Annual radio tribute in the spring of 2006.
Gary Scott Law, representing the Steve Stevens Orchestra Project and the Wayne King Entertainment Network, has contracted Pianist Chuck Bregman to play The Savanna Trade Show on Saturday, March 25.  Pianist Chuck Bregman will perform Ragtime to Richness from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Stevens Orchestra Project is co-sponsoring this entertainment event with the Savanna Chamber of Commerce.
The Steve Stevens Orchestra Project of Savanna is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2006.  The project has evolved from strictly researching, reasoning, recording and relating area dance band and musician history to organizing musical events.  A good way to learn about the Project is to visit the website at:
In 2006, the Project will begin a long-term process of developing a unified economic development theme.  The Wayne King Entertainment Network will be developed in the years ahead to network entertaintainment, the performing and visual arts in Illinois and Iowa counties from Dubuque to Davenport so that events can be scheduled, packaged and marketed to Chicago Land and the world.
Two scheduled events this spring will help introduce The Wayne King Entertainment Network.  On Saturday, March 25 Pianist Chuck Bregman of Dubuque will play Ragtime to Richness from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m at the Savanna Trade Show.  Bregman is well known for his piano stylings and as the pianist for the Russ Morgan Orchestra and others.  This is being co-sponsored with the Savanna Chamber of Commerce.
Second, the 14-piece Eddy Howard Orchestra will play a dance at the old Hanover High School on Sunday, May 7.  The doors will open at 1:00 p.m. and the dance will begin at 2:00 p.m. running through to 6:00 p.m.  Tickets can be ordered for $10 in advance or purchased for $12 at the door.  It's estimated this dance will sell-out at the $10 price.  Checks should be made payable and mailed to the "Stevens Orchestra Project" at 1701 Michigan Avenue, Savanna, Illinois 61074.  Tickets can also be ordered via email at or or by cell phone at (816) 804-5360.  Leave a message if there's no answer.
To help increase attendance at the Savanna Trade Show, tickets to the Eddy Howard Orchestra dance on May 7 can be purchased at the discounted price of $8.00.  So don't miss out.  Come to the Savanna Trade Show on Saturday March 25.


The organizer reserves the right to reorganize the Steve Stevens Orchestra as a private orchestra or as a not-for-profit orchestra for public benefit.

A reorganized Steve Stevens Orchestra would employ four generations of musicians to bring dance music to old schools and dancehalls from Dubuque to Davenport. It would play waltz, rag-time, jazz, BIG BAND, swing, square, circle, polka, western swing, western, and some 50's and 60's big band rock-n-roll, and much of the NEW SWING era. The selections would be 70 percent pre-1950 and 30 percent post-1950.

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Past Events:

In 1999 and 2000 the organizer visited Big Meadows and Good Samaritan nursing homes in Savanna and Mount Carroll to gather oral history from residents and to play big band music including recordings of Savanna's Big Band Leader Wayne King, "the Waltz King." In late June 2001, the Project played big band recordings at the nursing home in Elizabeth. Before Christmas 2001, the Project played big band recordings once again at Big Meadows Nursing Home.

During 1999 and 2000, The Project was also presented to area nursing homes and assisted living residences in Platte City, Plattsburg, Weston, Smithville, and Kearney, Missouri. One ninety-nine year old resident in Plattsburg was stirred to play the piano again for which she had not done for many months. Many nursing home residents know the words to dozens of tunes, amazing.

During January 2001, the Steve Stevens Orchestra Project arranged with Vocalist Ed Bolton to create three one-hour radio programs on Savanna's Wayne King. These three radio programs aired over WCCI FM100.3 in February in memory of Wayne's 100th birthday anniversary on February 18, 2001. Mr. Bolton, now 70 years of age, was Wayne King and Orchestra's last male vocalist having been a part of the band from 1979 to its last engagement in March, 1983.  The Project hopes to create and co-sponsor the 6th Annual WCCI Radio Tribute to Wayne King and His Orchestra in the spring of 2006.
The Project, the management, staff and residents held a Veterans Day dance in the lunch room of Big Meadows on November 6, 2003.  The Project hopes to create and co-sponsor the 4th Annual Veterans Day dance at Big Meadows in 2006.

The Project has communicated with the Savanna School Board, the Savanna Public Library, The Savanna Times Journal, the Carroll County Historical Society, The Carroll County Genealogical Society, the Savanna Music Boosters, WCCI FM100.3, The Hanover Park District and and others concerning local musician and band history and events.
The Project's organization of the Thomson Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored dinner dance for Celebrate Grand Excursion 2004 at Buck's Barn on Route 84 north of Thomson, Illinois was a great success, attracting nearly 400 dancers from seven states.  The family of Wayne King returned to Savanna for this dance.  Mrs Wayne King, age 92 in 2004, and her son, Wayne King, Jr., served as Grand Marshalls for the Savanna Celebrates Grand Excursion Parade.
May 22, 2004 - June 28 Wayne King/Savanna dance bands exhibition at the Savanna Center for the Arts, 411 Main Street, displayed through Grand Excursion 2004

If you're a band director, musician, vocalist, stage designer/builder, have audio/video skills, web-design, or are interested in communicating local musician, band, and dancehall history, please contact the Steve Stevens Orchestra Project.